Who is Chris Percival...

Chris started out in business at the age of 14 and is now listed as one of the UK's most influential Entrepreneur's.

After graduating from Oxford Brookes University with a Distinction in 'Paramedic Emergency Care', Chris became and remains registered with the HCPC as a Paramedic. Percival is the Founder and CEO of Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd and leads the team across the brands several divisions. Chris is also a Trustee of emergency medical charity 'BASICS North West' and in 2016 Chris was included in the list of “100 Most Influential British Entrepreneurs” published by Richtopia, alongside Richard Branson and Lord Sugar.

Today, Chris is the Founder & CEO of Jigsaw Medical and eJIGSAW - as well as having investments and interests in various other brands within the digital, healthcare and private investment spaces.

Chris is also the founder of one of the most recent brands within the Jigsaw Group - Jigsaw Records.

Early Years...

Chris was born in Lymm, Cheshire in 1991 and began in primary school at Oughtrington before moving to Tarporley in 2003 at the age of 10. Chris attended Tarporley High School & 6th Form College. All through school and 6th Form Chris had a great interest in Business, IT, technology and the internet - so much so, he studied Computing, IT, Business Studies and Economics at A-Level.

At just 14 Chris utilised his skills and interest in IT to help his parents business and family friends by creating websites and graphic design for small businesses - this was his first introduction into business and was called 'Treetops Web Design', named after the family home. In the years to follow this became Jigsaw Creative Media and eventually branded eJigsaw in 2016.

Whilst at 6th Form, Chris also began undertaking first aid training and, following an increasing interest in medicine, began working for a local company called Marton Life Support Ltd in Chester, providing event medical cover to a range of events. Chris went on to working for a number of private medical providers throughout 6th Form.

Upon completion of his A-Levels, Chris had applied for a position at University to study Paramedic Practice, from his experience and increasing interest in the subject. However Chris did not manage to obtain a place at university in the year following his time at 6th Form, due to the highly competitive nature of the course. Chris dedicated much of his time working at events and providing first aid training during this year out, in order to gain experience for his application to university once again the following year.

In 2010 Chris secured a place at Oxford Brookes University and set forth on his next goal - to become a registered Paramedic.

During his time at University, Chris set up a company, Jigsaw Medical Services Ltd, in order to gain some 'pocket money'. The company operated with just one vehicle (which was a vehicle loaned from his parents business and converted into an Ambulance Response Car). Chris found himself traveling between his office and business in Cheshire and his university education in Oxford, which made his time at university somewhat 'out of the ordinary'.

With a strong interest in music from an early age, Chris dabbled with a few instruments and had a stint working as a DJ, as well as getting involved in sound engineering and lighting for performances throughout his school & 6th form days.

Virgin Startup

I am proud to be a mentor for Virgin Startup, providing support and guidance for new entrepreneurs.

“Whenever I am asked what is the missing link between a promising businessperson and a successful one, mentoring comes to mind.” - Sir Richard Branson

The Jigsaw Medical Story

What started as a bedroom startup soon turned into a business, which was growing fast...

During university the business began to get very busy, through a very positive reputation in the industry, which was excellent even if it came about a bit earlier than anticipated. Despite this, by the time Chris had finished his university education the business employed 5 people full-time and over 200 part-time staff, it operated 5 vehicles and was providing the first aid training and medical cover for a number of high-profile events and companies, around the country.

In August 2012 Chris encountered an opportunity to acquire Marton Life Support Ltd (the same business he worked for through 6th Form and where he obtained his initial qualifications), with the support of his parents and family, Chris successfully carried out the deal and Marton Life Support Ltd became part of the Jigsaw Medical™ brand. In the 12 months following the acquisition, we were able to more than double the companies previous years turn over, with its new team in place, fresh ideas and a passion in the entire team to succeed.

Today, Jigsaw Medical® is one of the UK leaders in medical services, offering a range of services for the commercial, media and events sectors and the NHS. We are divided into three clear entities, the first being our clinical division, providing event medical cover, ambulance services and TV / Film unit medics. The second is our training division which provides first aid training courses and clinical education. Our third division is 'Jigsaw Special Projects' responsible for our special projects, such as close protection Paramedics, specialist training and equipment design.

Profits for Jigsaw Medical grew 382% in 2014. In the financial year of 2015, Jigsaw grew over 500% compared with its 2014 results. Jigsaw also opened up an office in Australia in November 2014 and is recognised as "one of the world's leading medical providers", providing 999 ambulance services to the NHS, routine patient transport, global medical solutions, event medical cover and clinical education.

By 2016, Jigsaw operated from 8 locations throughout the UK and several locations across Europe, Africa and Australia; with over 3,000 members of the team - over 800 of which on a full-time basis.

BASICS North West

Chris is a Trustee for emergency medical charity, the British Association For Immediate Care (BASICS) - North West. The charity is a confederation of several pre-hospital emergency medical care charities that were set up to provide additional doctor-led immediate medical support to the North West Ambulance Service.

The eJigsaw Story

Following on from the early days of 'Treetops Web Design' and 'Jigsaw Creative Media' and with the growth experienced in Jigsaw Medical and the other group companies, Chris wanted to bring the extensive web and digital marketing spend across the group into a Jigsaw brand.

eJIGSAW was born to deliver development and digital services within the group as well as providing the same incredible services to external Clients - creating another revenue stream and competing in the digital and web 'agency' world once again.

Today, eJIGSAW is a growing brand in it's own right, with an incredible team of designers, developers and marketeers who work with many high-profile clients on website, marketing and cloud software projects across many industries.

Check out eJigsaw here.

Jigsaw Records

With a keen interest in music for as long as he can remember, Chris met a very talented singer/songwriter in 2014 and began supporting him informally with his career.

In 2017, Chris and James put together a talented group of leaders to form an independent record label, Jigsaw Records.


The Future...

Chris is concentrating on building the Jigsaw Group further in the UK and global markets, whilst maintaining the ethos, core values and 'people centered' approach it was built upon. Continuing to build a great team of people, without whom we would not be where we are today.

Chris also continues to advise and support his other business interests and brands.