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The Best Quote I’ve Heard… Ever

I recently spoke at #MicroBizMattersDay alongside Tony Robbinson OBE, Tina Bowden and Kate Hardcastle. During our panel chat (which you can check out on YouTube), Kate enlighted me to a saying she has been using for years – and it is something which rang very true to me and something which has stuck with me. […]

Introducing… Jigsaw Records

How the story began… Back in 2014 whilst working doing the medical cover for an event (in the early days of Jigsaw Medical), a young guy by the name of James Edgar appeared on stage supporting the classic boyband ‘Blue’. I stood and watched for a while and thought to myself – this guy is amazing! […]

Interview For World Entrepreneurs Day

For World Entrepreneur’s Day, I took part in a podcast series with Lawrence Jones MBE, which saw him interview a handful of top Entrepreneurs including Sir Richard Branson, and for some reason – me! I open up about where it all began, a couple of the stumbles we’ve had along the way and how we […]

A-Level Results Day 2017

A-Level results day is a stressful time for those who are banking on their results in order to secure competitive places on university courses. But if you’ve not done as well as you would have liked, the world is not over… In actual fact; Richard Branson, Deborah Meaden and Jeremy Clarkson are examples of successful […]

Why I’ve Left the College of Paramedics

For a long time, as a Registered Paramedic, I have had a great deal of respect for the College of Paramedics, who are in place with a view to being the ‘voice of Paramedics and ambulance professionals’ across the nation. Since well before qualifying as a Paramedic (and prior to starting Jigsaw Medical), I was […]