My Day out in a Private Jet

jetI have always wanted to go on my own Private Jet, but I didn’t think it would be at the age of 22, wearing my Paramedic uniform…

My team and I at Jigsaw Medical are used to medical repatriations, normally theses are performed for an array of insurance companies and take place in private aircraft or commercial flights with medical escort. However, just a few days after new year the operations team at Jigsaw Medical took a phone call from a private patient who was ill abroad and without travel insurance. The prospective client enquired about our medical repatriation services and whether we could help get her home for medical treatment in the UKโ€ฆ

Normally our “Private Jets” are old propeller aircraft specifically used for air repatriations and therefore not really that glamorous… However for this job (due to the lack of insurance) we had to charter a ‘normal’ private jet from our friends at Saxon Air.

Obviously, as the ‘boss’ and a Paramedic myself, it was left to me to carry out this job (along with a colleague Kathryn, who is also a Paramedic). Believe it or not, it was cheaper to get a private jet than it would have been to drive by land ambulance.

In just under 3 hours, our shift on our RRV (or plane) was done and the patient was successfully back in a UK hospital!

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