How Dreamers Can Become Doers…


One of the quotes in my office is from Walt Disney and it reads: “If you can dream it, you can do it”… but how do dreamers become doers?…

Granted, it is true that the ‘doing’ part of this statement is the harder part of the two, but I strongly believe that the above quote is very true. Most of the time, it is the fear of failure or ‘not knowing where to start’ which stops entrepreneurs from ‘doing’ rather than ‘dreaming’!

Some top tips which might just help you to turn your dreams into reality!

  • Have goals! – You should have goals, whether they are just a goal for Monday, a goal for the month or a goal further ahead… You need them to be the first thing you do on your quest to develop your dream into reality! Don’t forget – if your goal involves your team (which I’m sure it will), you need to share it with them, so they can also focus on helping you reach it!
  • Surround yourself with doers, not dreamers –  I think it is safe to say everyone has dreams, but make sure you are surrounding yourself with positive, like-minded people – particularly if they themselves have turned some of their dreams into reality, they will no doubt have some pointers for you from their journey.
  • Nothing is impossible! – If you think your goal is out of reach, think again. Whilst I wouldn’t encourage anyone to try and beat Richard Branson into space tourism with a start-up business, you should work towards milestones to ultimately get you to the main goal. Be realistic, but don’t make it easily achievable – that’s boring!
  • Be better – Take some time to sit down & figure out how your biggest competitor is promoting their brand & plan something smarter & more creative for yours… Don’t re-invent the wheel without being creative!

Will it work!?

… If everyone knew the answer to that question, we would all be very successful in everything we wanted to do… But I do believe, nothing is impossible if you have the right people and the right formula.

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