Sam Branson & Noah Devereaux Visit Jigsaw House

#TeamJigsaw recently welcomed Sam Branson and Noah Devereaux to Jigsaw House to hear about STRIVING  & Big Change…

As you may have read, we were proud to have sponsored the Virgin STRIVE Challenge in 2016, raising an incredible seven-figure sum for the charity ‘Big Change‘. As a provider of medical services and one of the key sponsors, I was pleased to welcome Sam & Noah to Jigsaw House, to introduce them to the team and hear about what has been happening since the epic challenge and where the huge amount of money raised will be going.

Noah spoke to the team about ‘growth mindset’ and the purpose of the philosophy and we also heard from Jan (our Head of Compliance, who took part in one of the cycle legs) who although told Sam and I beforehand that she was very nervous and hated public speaking – did an incredible job (so much so, we couldn’t get her off the stage – so well done Jan!). Then we heard from Kathryn, who coordinated our medical team for the STRIVE challenge, who spoke about working together as a team to look after the participants and help make the event what it was.

We had a great day hearing about the incredible cause we have all worked so far to raise such a huge amount of money for and I am very much looking forward to what Sam & Noah think up for the next challenge!

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