How much money is success?

CLoIoM5WcAA-A9_“Money is a byproduct of success”

You will often here this quote from entrepreneurs and it is certainly one I can relate to. Whilst everyone needs to earn a living, I like many entrepreneurs didn’t start my business to “make lots of money” and in actual fact, I have never measured the success of Jigsaw in how much money we have been making, rather I use our level of revenue as a guide to see how we are growing.

Personally, I think a leader needs to be ‘visionary’ rather than exclusively money and performance focused, they need to see the ‘bigger picture’ and drive the ‘purpose’ of the business. I truly believe that if entrepreneurs hold this as a core value, the money will follow as a byproduct.

Does everyone need to forget about the money?

Absolutely not. Whilst it is vital for ‘visionary’ entrepreneurs to stay focused on the purpose and ‘bigger picture’, every business needs to make money to survive and in actual fact, they need the exact opposite to themselves in order to succeed.

Accountants clearly need to focus on the money, where it goes and make sure any business has enough of it to meet the vision of the leader – but this concept goes beyond them.

In Jigsaw, I would classify myself as ‘visionary’ rather than money focused, I would rather spend money on making Jigsaw better, than putting it in my personal bank account. However, without my money driven counter parts in our Sales and Recruitment teams – nothing would ever happen! Equally, we need the Clinical teams to be focused on quality, rather than money and so they are not afraid of getting the latest equipment. It is this blend which has got Jigsaw to where it is.

So is “Money is a byproduct of success”?

Absolutely. But only when you have the right blend of people, with their own reasons for doing what they are doing – which does actually include, in the likes of our recruitment & sales teams, them being money focused.


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