A-Level Results Day

A-Level results day is a stressful time for those who are banking on their results in order to secure competitive places on university courses. But if you’ve not done as well as you would have liked, the world is not over…


In actual fact; Richard Branson, Deborah Meaden, Jeremy Clarkson and my good friend Lawrence Jones are examples of successful people who didn’t make the grade in their A-Levels – but appear on the rich list nonetheless.

My own experience at A-Level was less than glamorous, I passed (just) and didn’t manage to secure a place at University in the same year. In fact, I wasn’t keen on the idea of university, but had no choice if I wanted to reach my goal of becoming a Paramedic. I battled on and managed to secure a place at Oxford Brookes University the year after, using my ‘work experience’ (gained during my ‘year out’, in place of the grades they required (as I didn’t have the grades, or subjects, they asked for)… So grades are not everything.

Grades do not define you, they do not make decisions for you, they are merely an objective test of a small part of what matters in life. Since going to Oxford Brookes (with the wrong A-Levels) and graduating with Distinction, I am now extremely proud to be one of their ‘Notable Alumni‘!

Congratulations to those of you who have got the grades you wanted… but if you’ve not got the grades you wanted. Don’t worry. You can do whatever you want to do, you can be whoever you want to be. A couple of exams do not define this and there are multiple routes to your goals.

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