Making money from your online presence

map_of_the_internet_by_tophthetomboy-d348wf0What’s this? The internet?

Companies large and small are getting used to fact that you need to have a web site. But just having a web site doesn’t guarantee a company an increase in business–if those millions of potential customers don’t happen to stumble on it, you’re spinning your virtual wheels… Obviously with eJigsaw you will have gathered that I love the internet and realising its potential to our businesses. Although I am a believer that businesses can survive without a website, its only a small number of sectors where this is possible. The recent Google advert very powerfully re-enforced the power of the internet and a fantastic website design.

The search engines

Those of you who know what we do at eJigsaw and what has partially made the success of Jigsaw Medical so far is that we have some very powerful search engine marketing, which is all ethical, organic and in-house. For example, our Jigsaw Medical website is optimised by our friends at eJigsaw for many search terms, including first aid training. When we talk about businesses surviving without an internet presence, I strongly feel that without our websites, social media and range of internet marketing streams – we would not be where we are today.

What do you need to see a return from your online investment?

Obviously we would be bias in who you should use to provide this service to your business, because I think the team at eJigsaw would take some beating! But from a personal point of view, you need to look at building your online presence by using the following tips!

  1. A great website design – This is the fundamental part of your internet presence, its your online office, just think of it as your house, but online.
  2. Search engine marketing – Once you have a great website for your business, it needs to be found by these millions of potential customers, having a great SEO company will help you get found on Google and other search engines.
  3. Branding – Your website and everything you do should be focused around your brand!
  4. Social Media – You need to be on Twitter, Facebook Business and Google + (at the least)
  5. Active Blog – Make sure you have an active blog which is interesting (unlike mine) and provides a growth in your website content.
  6. DELEGATE – Do not spend to much time trying to do this yourself – Hire eJigsaw!

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