Need a Holiday?

On the slopes in Verbier

On the slopes in Verbier

Working hard is great, but you also need some time out!

I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this one? We all work hard and we all need to get away, whether that be on a family holiday, weekend away or simply some time at home, it’s just as important as working hard. I can speak from experience on this one and can clearly remember being at University, doing 12 hour Ambulance shifts (as part of my placement) and running a business over 100 miles away… People kept telling me to take some time out, not least my family and it wasn’t until they booked a family holiday for me, that I realised just how much I needed to get away for a break.

It is sometime hard to realise that you do need a break, you get so deep into what your doing and keeping up to speed with what’s happening, whether you have reached your goals, monthly targets, ongoing projects – the list is endless.

My advice is simple and something I have been doing for the past couple of years – book breaks in advance!

… This has reminded me to book some holidays!

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