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How Dreamers Can Become Doers…

One of the quotes in my office is from Walt Disney and it reads: “If you can dream it, you can do it”… but how do dreamers become doers?… Granted, it is true that the ‘doing’ part of this statement is the harder part of the two, but I strongly believe that the above quote […]

The right people in your business

“The right people for your business are those who can do their job when they don’t feel like it. The wrong people are those who can’t do their job when they do feel like it.” Getting the right people, at the right time, into the right positions within your organisation, is critical to it’s success… […]

Making money from your online presence

What’s this? The internet? Companies large and small are getting used to fact that you need to have a web site. But just having a web site doesn’t guarantee a company an increase in business–if those millions of potential customers don’t happen to stumble on it, you’re spinning your virtual wheels… Obviously with eJigsaw you […]

Need a Holiday?

Working hard is great, but you also need some time out! I’m sure everyone can agree with me on this one? We all work hard and we all need to get away, whether that be on a family holiday, weekend away or simply some time at home, it’s just as important as working hard. I […]