The Short Version

Chris Percival is a 28 year old Entrepreneur, Investor and Chief Executive, listed as the top 100 most Influential Entrepreneurs in the UK. Having been selected as Lloyd’s Bank Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014 (at aged 21), Chris was listed in the '42 under 42' by the Insider in 2018 and has also featured in major business publications such as Forbes.

Outside of his business ventures, you’ll usually find Chris travelling the world with his wife, Samantha, walking with his Labrador, Jenson - or cooking!

Early Years

Born in 1991, Chris grew up in a Cheshire village, his parents ran a small businesses and it didn't take long for his entrepreneurial flair to become apparent. Chris worked with his parents in the summer holidays, helping around the office with IT. This is where Chris discovered his love for business and by the age of 14, he was making websites from his bedroom. Chris taught himself basic code and design to enable him to build and sell websites, initially to family and friends, then later to small businesses. This hobby later matured into a full service digital agency which Chris sold in 2019 to a large group.

During his later school years, at 6th form, Chris embarked on a first aid course and began working at the weekends providing first aid cover at various events across the UK, as well as teaching first aid for a company based in Chester, called ‘Marton’. With an increasing love for emergency medicine and having seen a gap in the market for various commercial opportunities, Chris wanted to combine his business passion with a profession and enrolled with Oxford Brookes University to Study Paramedic Emergency Care.

Whilst studying at University, Chris founded Jigsaw in February 2012.

In Business

Jigsaw grew significantly from annual revenues of £100k in its first trading year, to £7m in its third year - just a few months after Chris graduated from University as a registered Paramedic.

Having started out providing event medical cover splitting his time between studying, NHS shifts and working on Jigsaw, Chris soon acquired the same company he worked for during his time at 6th Form - ‘Marton’ - which accelerated growth into commercial training. This provided a solid and credible platform for Chris to build the emergency ambulance services division, the first Client being the same NHS Trust with which he trained to become a Paramedic. Over the proceeding years, the company grew exponentially in the commercial arena and as an NHS supplier to become an award winning, multi-million pound brand, operating across several divisions with multiple sites. Since 2016 Jigsaw has been the largest independent provider of emergency ambulance services in the UK, and continues on its journey to be the leading multi-faceted healthcare transport organisation across; emergency, urgent and specialist ambulance services. In December 2018, Chris entered into a joint venture with HCRG Group in a move which transitioned the healthcare brand into a £300m privately owned healthcare Group, receiving significant investment and infrastructure support to facilitate continued growth. This led to the acquisition of the assets of a significant international competitor in the space. Chris remains CEO of Jigsaw and a significant shareholder.

Additionally, Chris has used his developing experience and learnings in business to; startup, acquire, merge and exit various ventures across multiple verticals, both using the Jigsaw brand and with other standalone brands. In addition, he works with new entrepreneurs through the Virgin Startup program, providing mentorship and support.

Alongside his own business interests, Chris is also has several portfolio investments in; music, media, healthcare and retail - and is proud to be a mentor to a number of fellow entrepreneurs, as well as holding the post of Trustee with a Charity close to his heart.

The journey continues...